Orestes Suarez

Orestes Suarez Design is a full service design firm
specializing in Modern, Transitional and Spanish Interiors.
With an unwavering eye for detail, we work with highly
skilled contractors and artisans to create beautiful interiors.
Our clientele spans a wide variety of industries and
professional backgrounds, ranging from financial and legal
services to creative industries such as entertainment, retail
and technology.

Throughout his 40 year career Orestes has successfully
designed unique interiors and products that he blends
to suit the individual needs of each client he works with.
His quiet and life enhancing designs are infused with a warm, subtle feel that is
luxurious while simultaneously creating a comfortable and relaxing environment
for living.

His work is influenced by his early music studies that developed into a lifelong
passion for architecture and the art of design. These influences are evident in his
projects and products that are combined with his penchant for fine materials and the
highest quality workmanship. Orestes' work is unmistakably chic, timeless and exhibits
a serenity all of its own.

Our Lighting is a modern transitional line designed with a classic understated
elegance. The line exhibits Asian influences, pared down with visually stimulating
shapes. Using classic style and clean lines as the underlying influences, the collection
is sought after for both high-end residential and hospitality projects around the world.

With recently completed projects in Bangkok for Martha Stewart and Barbara Barry,
Orestes strives to design warm and inviting interiors that his clients can call home.
His ability to create unique interiors that convey a sense of warmth and serenity has
been instrumental in his success.